One day, I’ll probably put a bit more about myself here and what I’m trying to accomplish with this blog.

That day will most likely come after I’ve had my fun with sed to clean up all of my old posts to fit the new headers needed by Jekyll. Right now, most of the posts look a little ugly. Or a lot ugly.

And hopefully on that day, I will be able to sit back, breathe and relax. Because on that day, I expect to also post how I used Ansible and/or Docker to set this all up, enjoying the confidence that I can easily recreate the blog.

Because people hate change, and I REALLY hate having to migrate and adapt to new blogging engines and platforms all the time.

Why not Wordpress? Because I want a plain text editor (often even vi or nano) and I don’t want a web portal. I know they’ve finally heard what Markdown is, but I’m beyond caring about them.

But for now, if you want to learn more about me, please read through my possibly terribly formatted posts. Or check me out out the links below.

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