In just one week, I will be leaving Accenture Duck Creek to venture back out on my own. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and I was provided with an opportunity that greatly reduces the risk.

I can’t say the decision was easy. No-brainer, quite possibly. But, I’m walking away from an awesome company and culture, one that has been responsible for a lot of my growth across the past three years, and that I feel I have helped grow into an even better place to work.

The people are awesome, we have a good niche market, there is plenty of collaboration and debate, and people pride themselves on teamwork, their craft, and delivering value to the company. In addition, it plays nicely to my strengths. I am a developer by trade but am charismatic and have always loved to lead, and that combination has made me an effective leader. It is hands down the best place I have ever worked, and in exiting, I feel like I’m losing a piece of myself.

But, the time is right for me to make a move. The market is showing signs of an upward trend, and I am at the point where I have plateaued a bit and need a new outlook and skills refresher, so I was going to have to change my role anyway.

This opportunity is an exciting one for me. I’ll be contracting for a software company that was recently purchased (first buyer) and is relatively early on in the Continuous Integration life cycle. It will be an opportunity not only to get the skills refresher I am looking for, but it should provide the opportunity to continue to brand myself at the things I love, Software Craftsmanship and continuous improvement.

Wish me luck!