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a/k/a How I Help Keep Mother’s Brewery in Business!

Here we go. I expect a lot of heavy drinking, gray hairs, overall frustration and a bit of hatred of life. This thing was simple to install and serve up, but a friggin beast to even get it to accept a user login!

Backing up the install

Because, well, I don’t want to fight with getting TWiki to let me create a user again:

	tar -czf ~/backups/twiki/webroot.twiki.gz /webroot/twiki
	tar -czf ~/backups/twiki/etc.apache2.gz /etc/apache2

Pull down the data from the Source Server

This resides on a box named wiki; in case you’re sarcastically challenged, I changed the host name; this isn’t actually hosted on Well, at least I don’t think it is. I generated a new key pair, sent the public key over to the admin, and then edited my ~/.ssh/config file to add the necessary credentials for the host first (see this link for more info):

		User			iHateTwiki
		IdentityFile 	~/.ssh/pileofcrapsoftware/id_rsa
		PreferredAuthentications 	publickey

Unfortunately though, in TWiki’s cumbersome, verbose fashion, you have to read about 20 pages of documentation. I LOVE tools whose upgrade path is “Read this massive PILE of doc.”. So much better than intuitive tools that just do it for you or have an obvious upgrade path!!! Thanks TWiki, you’re the best!!!