I pre-ordered Daft Punk’s new album (yes, new!!!… and album?) “Random Access Memories” from Amazon and received it Tuesday. It is, for lack of any other word to adequately describe it, perfect.

After ordering the Tron Soundtrack (by Daft Punk, that’s why it’s relevant) I was a bit skeptical; not that it was bad, but it didn’t have the effect that older music by them does.

I wouldn’t say it’s predictable, because every now and then they sound like they’re going crazy, much like the end of that old Offspring album from the late 90s that makes you wonder what just died… but then they bring it back to the sounds that you think of when you think Daft Punk.

If you think you don’t know Daft Punk or haven’t heard of them, I think you would be shocked. They are one of those bands that shows up everywhere. Most recently, their song Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger was sampled in Kanye West’s song Harder.

They have a sound unique to them, but it’s easy to hear elements of their style in many of the genres of today. I would expect that if you were to group U2, Tool, and Radiohead together in terms of influence or inspiration on other artists, Daft Punk would be there as well, although possibly a bit more invisible.

I highly recommend you check it out, even if (or maybe especially if) this is branching out of your normal comfort zone.

Note that the CD version on Amazon includes the new AudioRip feature, which will allow you to listen to the mp3s using the Amazon Cloud Player as well as download them to your devices. And, it’s cheaper than buying the mp3 version! I’m guessing they are trying to boost the adoption.