Yesterday we took a scenic drive down to the upper end of the Buffalo River near Ponka, AR. The timing was perfect, the leaves were in their prime and the day was in the 50s. The drive itself was incredible, it takes you up above Harrison, AR; this picture won’t do it justice, but it felt like we were going to fall off the hill.


While we had floated the Buffalo before, I was looking for hiking trails. Lost Valley was listed as the #1 for our area on however it said dogs were welcome on a leash, which was not the case when we got there.

BUT, there was a park ranger in the full green get-up; I didn’t know they still issued that! So that was cool. Plus, she recommended that we go up a mile to Steel Creek and walk along the river bed, and that walk ended up being awesome. We walked for about two hours total, it was pretty easy but wore the dogs out. Perfect!

These pictures were taken from my cell phone and I haven’t edited them, so don’t judge me too much, you’re supposed to be looking at the scenery! ;-)










You can see the rest of the photos here but those were my favorites.