The Basics

The St. Louis Blues Alumni have provided us with three sets of two tickets (plus some added benefits) for the March 28th game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Tickets are $10 each, or 12 for $100.

We are selling a maximum of 525 raffle tickets. There will be three (3) separate winners, and each winner may bring one (1) guest for free. This makes the odds of winning no worse than 1 in 175 per ticket!

To purchase tickets, contact Tim Brill, Tom Hughes, or call, text, email, or tweet me.

The Inclusions

Winners and their guest will get to experience:

  • A tour of the Scottrade Center on the day of the game.
  • Lunch with Terry Yake
  • Tickets for the Alumni Box (all inclusive suite)
  • Hotel accommodations for the night of the game at the DoubleTree - Union Station
  • Tickets for additional guests will be available at a discounted rate.

If that wasn’t enough…

For every two tickets you purchase, I will include one free skate sharpening.

  • Shaun Elder will honor this as well.
  • If you don’t have skates, I’ll sharpen your tennis shoes. Or I’ll let my dogs lick them clean for you. Or perforate them. Your choice.

The Game and Raffle Dates

  • Saturday, March 28th vs Columbus Blue Jackets
    Drawing on Saturday, March 14th (Corrected)

The “Fine Print”

“Fine Print” because it’s the same size as the rest of the text, and I wrote it, so it’s probably not all that fine. Also, it’s probably pretty obvious, so you could maybe just skip this section and reclaim a few minutes of your life.

  • Notice I’m saying raffle winners. Many of you are winners. Others of you are “winners.” Regardless, if you are not the proud owner of a winning raffle ticket, you’re not considered a winner in this context. And if I forget to use the phrase “raffle winners,” that’s because I’m a “winner” myself and I’m the one proofing my own work, and you know how that goes.

  • There will be three separate raffle winners drawn, meaning you may only win once.

  • A purchase IS necessary, but you do not have to be present to win. You should make sure we know how to get in touch with you though.

  • Odds per ticket will vary based on the number of tickets sold. However, we will sell no more than 525 tickets, making the worst-case odds 1:175 per ticket.

  • Raffle winners are allowed to bring one (1) guest for free. Additional guest tickets will be available for purchase to the raffle winners at a discounted rate. The rate will be disclosed to the raffle winners at the time of the drawing. The STL Blues Alumni may limit the number of additional tickets that will be available for purchase, based on availability.

  • Transportation is not provided, nor is anything else not mentioned above as being included.

  • You must purchase the ticket to be eligible for the skate sharpening meaning someone else cannot purchase and pass their ticket stub off to you. This will probably apply to tennis shoe sharpening as well. Or teeth, or whatever else it is you think can be sharpened instead of skates.

  • Skate sharpening will be performed by me (Damon) on my own equipment, or Shaun Elder on his equipment. You will need to arrange the skate exchange with myself or Shaun, but we are very accommodating.

  • One free skate sharpening means I’ll sharpen a pair of skates for you, for free. That’s probably pretty obvious, but I wanted another bullet point here, and didn’t want you to think I’d only sharpen one skate and leave the other one in a butter knife state.

  • Shaun honoring this offer does not mean a second sharpening for every two tickets. You choose his or mine. But, both of us guarantee you will love your skates after we have sharpened them. Not like… love.

  • In other words, if you have skates and haven’t ever had Shaun or I sharpen them, buy two tickets and get two chances to win plus a free sharpening that will rival the best sharpening you have had. Better yet, double your chances and buy four. Then you get two free sharpenings, one from each of us. Actually just go for twelve tickets for $100, and then he’ll cut three and I’ll cut three. And you’ll wonder why you never had us cut your skates before, plus you’ll probably skate better than us.

  • All proceeds are donated to the St. Louis Blues Alumni Association and the Blues 14 Fund.