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Posterous is dead. I’m now on

NOTE: If you are moving from Posterous to any other site and registered your domain name through Posterous, your registrar was eNomCentral, and you should have received an email from them back in January 2013. See this post for more details, although posthaven is not accepting imports at the time of this writing.)

Content will be delayed

I’m not in a huge hurry to bring my old content up on this. It won’t take a huge amount of effort, but it’s also not my top priority. So, if you are looking for one of my older posts, you might want to try the Wayback Machine for my sites:

  • Main Page - really nothing more than an intro

  • Pro page - the developer, process improvement, and similar content

  • Random page - me being, well, me.

  • Landscaping page - funny, the motivator for starting the blog in the first place, yet this has the least amount of content.

Posterous is dead

Twitter bought Posterous. Posterous lost its identity. Twitter stopped spending money on Posterous.

I am still a bit baffled why they bought Posterous. I have not seen any posts that suggest they acquired any huge code base. The two products were not really similar either, one is a blog, the other is well, not. So I just don’t buy that when acquiring the company, all of these users migrated over… Twitter either already had them, or they were never going to.

Really, the only thing that makes sense to me is that maybe they were after the talent. Maybe there are posts out there now about it, I don’t really care, that’s not my point.

I’m now on

That’s my real point. Not only does it support Markdown, it also has a Dropbox app.

While Posterous offered emailing your posts in Markdown syntax to your account (or sub-domain) it required you to remember to wrap your content in <markdown> tags and put the Title and tags on the subject. While I created a template for that, I often ended up replacing the <markdwon> tags, and they didn’t offer a preview function until much later.

So it was a good concept, but eventually I found it still a bit too cumbersome. Additionally, it was SLOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW to load.

Here, I have my template saved in jEdit, my editor of choice, which is where I write the blogs anyway. Now I simply save them and change the Published: false tag to true and there is my content. No more copy/pasting into gmail and then emailing over and over and over and over and over and over again to get it to look right. I just hack here and refresh.


Here we find ourselves again, after a bit of rambling, at the closing. Really the point behind this post was not about the pros of versus Posterous, but more that my content will be delayed. But I guess I couldn’t help it.